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GREED: Abandoned dogs

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In an apocalyptic post nuclear war world,
where non-stop crime is the norm,
people started looking for hope from the past.
The fight for endless greed starts now.


In the near future of 2056, UN (United National) was established
consolidating the whole world to put an end to the chaotic post-nuclear state.
UN began to strictly regulate all weapons in an attempt to not to repeat the mistakes
caused by nuclear war,  and all lethal weapons were disposed.

Even if an illegal act was committed secretly, the actual crime became almost impossible because
there were police robots and CCTVs everywhere in the society consolidated by UN.


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Even in this peaceful era, criminal organizations that pursue illegal personal interests have not disappeared, and
while they continue to seek new ways to make money, they came up
with a plan to use a time machine to go back in the past plunder relics, and sell them. However,
due to the danger of the time paradox, they needed mercenaries to get their hands dirty on their behalf.

And thus mercenaries, gangsters and all others who lost their jobs because there were no crime,were
recruited and a grim (dangerous) time travel begins to take over the relics of the past by

receiving the weapons used in the past from criminal organizations...


You have to escape from the past
with the historical treasures.

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