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Early Access for GREED: Abandoned Dogs will be available In July.
This will be the beginning of each player’s history in our game.

GREED: Abandoned Dogs

Join the madness! Fight through your way from rags to riches! We are pleased to announce PIXELLOO’s first major project, GREED, a Third-Person-Shooter game. You are a mercenary hired by a criminal syndicate in a chaotic post-nuclear war world. You are given the task to use a time machine to travel back to the ancient worlds and raid artifacts, bring them back and sell them to clients. Kill ancient soldiers, find keys to open relics, fight against other mercenaries, and bring the prize back. You will have limited time so plan your move wisely. Become rich or die trying! The choice is yours to make! GREED will be launched through STEAM. You must have a STEAM account to participate in the Early Access. Please note that data from Early Access may be deleted before the official launch.

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