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1. Will my account data during Early Access get deleted after the Early Access is over?

Yes, there is a chance we may need to reset all of the data before the official launch of GREED, but we are considering on preparing some gifts for all of those that helped our game progress during the Early Access

2. What are the minimum specs to play the GREED?

Please refer to the


Recommended specifications

3. How do I contact support?

If you need help, please use the support link on our website

4. Where is GREED available?

You can access GREED on Steam (PC)

5. Is GREED available in my country?

Initially, we launched GREED for North America, however, we plan on expanding for global launch in the near future, so please stay tuned

6. Do you support joypads or controllers?

Currently, we do not support controllers other than mouse and keyboards

7. I can’t launch the game

We’re sorry you are having issues. If you experience any technical difficulties, please contact our support team:

8. How can I report a bug or make suggestions?

Enjoying the game or having trouble playing the game? We have a sub forum prepared in our Steam community hub, or you can also contact our support team:

9. What is UND and how can I earn more?

UND is the currency used in GREED. You also have Tickets which can be used to enter maps, and Coins which can be purchased.

10. Is there a chat system? How can I communicate with other players?

Although we understand the importance of communication, there are some issues that we need to take into consideration, so we decided to lock the chat feature for now. The chat system will be added later as we expand our service to global. We recommend using discord or any other chat app for now.

11. Are you going to add any feature that will allow users to form groups such as guilds, factions, or clans?

We may add those features, but as of now we have no set plans

12. Can I change the control settings?

You can change the mouse sensitivity, video, and audio settings from the option menu. Feature to change key settings will be added in the near future.

13. What is the Appraisal Center? How do I use it?

Once you loot relics or treasures from the past and bring them back, you need to go to the Appraisal Center to get the treasure appraised. You can say it is the core feature of GREED, as it will be the basis of your income in game, and it will also give a chance to hit the jackpot as the appraised value is not set but on a certain probability.

14. Is GREED free to play?

Yes, it is free to play. We will make items and UND purchasable with funds in Steam Wallet in the future

15. I don’t have enough money to buy items. How can I earn more?

You will have daily rewards, and rewards from clearing maps. Only 4 people will have the chance to escape from the Damascus map as there will only be 4 time machines prepared. In the survival mode, only the last survivor will get the chance to have the treasure appraised and get rich.

16. I want to play GREED with my friend. How can I add my friend?

We are preparing a feature to add friends

17. I’ve sold my item by mistake. Can you help me?

Unfortunately, we will not support individual requests such as item recovery during the CBT period

18. The game lags a lot. Can you help?

Please check the specifications listed above, update your graphic driver, and also check the internet connection. If you believe there are any technical issues causing the lag, please don’t hesitate to report the issue with detailed information:

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