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Khmer : Mahendraparvata

(You can view the game play description on your screen by selecting each map above)

Pixelloo, which is preparing for a commercial service in partnership with world-class content companies

 has released its very first project. Pixelloo intent to bring joy and fun with witty game source!

Let’s take a look at their very first project “GREED” and see how it will bring this joy and fun with the detailed

and realistic game graphic which were possible by using Unreal Engine 4.

▶ A New Type of Shooting Game ‘GREED’

Don’t expect to see the normal TPS (Third Person Shooter) you have seen from other games.

‘GREED’ allows you to travel back in time using a time machine which they call “Shift of Times”.

There are two types of time machines according to its usage:

1. Transportation of items,

2. Escape. In fact, there have been a lot of shooting games released with different concepts

such as zombie survival, LTM (Limited Time Mode), but this new concept of using a time machine

and going back to the past to fight has attracted the interest and expectations of players

even before the game was released.

▶ ‘Open the Treasure Box!’

As you may very well know, ‘treasure’ has been used as the main theme of various media such as movies and novels.

‘Treasure’ is also used in Pixelloo’s new game ‘GREED’ as a farming item. There are various ways to enjoy the

‘treasure hunt’ like searching and collecting treasure boxes spread out in the map,

or looting treasures from other players which they will drop when you attack them.

What separates ‘GREED’ from other games is that you get to appraise the treasure from the appraisal center,

where you get the chance to hit the jackpot, and get ranked according to your accumulated wealth.

Also, you get to fight NPCs of the time period in the past, as well as battle against other players.

GREED, in which players become mercenaries and wage wars full of greed

and cruelty in the past, in world full of unquenched greed and never-ending war,


Let’s get the party started!

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