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Rome : Damascus

Khmer : Mahendraparvata

(You can view the game play description on your screen by selecting each map above)

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An extra additional round of magazine will be supplied to the players who successfully enter the time machine from waiting area while countdown.

사각형 2 복사 3.png

Money and keys are dropped when NPCs are defeated. Use money to open supply chests and use keys to obtain treasures.

Players drop their treasures when killed.

Dropped treasures can be obtained by other players.
When killed, you can choose your respawn location.


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Some treasure chests require a key, and some don’t. 

Supply chests provide ammunition and grenades. Protective shields and HP recharge items may also be used 

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Transport location is circled on the map. Cargo ships can be called at the transport location.

Press ‘G’ to call your ship. Press and hold ‘G’ until treasures are fully loaded on the ship.

Transported goods will only be acquired once you successfully escape via time machine. Treasures that were not transported may be carried on board at extraction.

사각형 2 복사 3_edited.png

Extraction and

The time machine will arrive 15 minutes after the round starts.

To board the time machine, make a touchdown at the boarding area. Boarding is first come, first served.

Upon successful extraction, you may receive appraisals for obtained treasures and/or sell them. Even if you fail to escape, you may still receive smaller rewards based on your score.

There are 4 time machines in total, 3 of which are called at the same time. After the extraction of 3 time machines, the last time machine is summoned.

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